Why Choose Us

We, Slavic teachers, are very fond of teaching Asian students, and we have created two Facebook

groups to connect with their parents. Please, join them!

Indian Parents in Silicon Valley                     Asian Parents and Children
University Educated Instructors
                                Three-Way Relationship among Parents, Teachers and Children
Three-Way Mission: We Educate, Challenge and Nurture
                                Noncommercial Approach to Education       
Traditional & Contemporary Teaching Methods
                                Choose a Fast or Slow Pace of Learning

                                Harmonious Education = Arts + Academics!
Performing Musicians and Dancers Teach our Students!
                                European Languages Taught by Native Speakers
Study Russian Language through Music
                                Russian Children’s Choir
Russian Bards’ Songs
                                Parent Participation and Video Recording are Welcome at Piano Lessons
Preparation for Certificate of Merit
                                Recitals Four Times a Year
Learn Music and Creative Movement at the Age of 2
                                Pre-ballet for 3-5-Year-Olds
Piano Lessons at the Age of 3 ("Mom" & "Me" program)
                                Piano and Voice Lessons for Expectant Couples ("Learn the Lullaby!)
Piano and Voice Lessons for Seniors
                                Camps & Vocational Courses
Affordable Rates, Downtown Location
                                Rent a Keyboard FREE of Charge