Vocational Courses

Nowadays, we all have a fast speed of living and learning. That is why, so called “vocational” courses exist. At out school, we suggest that students, who want to develop their musical abilities to some degree or  to discover their talents for languages, sign up for Vocational Summer Courses.

We offer private, semiprivate (two students in class), small group ( three students in class) and group lessons ( 6+ students in class) of music and languages.

For individual lessons, you can choose any pace and any schedule that would fit you and your instructor.

For semiprivate lessons, you will need to find a partner, who will be able to attend classes at the same time you do.

The schedule for group lessons will depend on the number of students willing to participate in those lessons.We are going to also offer a vocational chess program, which can fit any level of students.

Fun Math class is offered to elementary school students.

You are welcome to contact us any time Via Email , which is the best way to reach us, as we are teachers, who can never  interact with an outside world when teaching.

You can  register for classes online [btn_arrow_yellow url=”https://www.trio-school.com/registration/registration-form/” target=”_self” position=”center”] Registration Form[/btn_arrow_yellow]

 On the Blog page, you will see the descriptions of the programs our teachers are wiling to share with you. We would like you to ask as many questions as you want, so that on the Blog page, we can create a subpage,  “Frequently asked questions”. This way, you will greatly help us to continue developing our new, well working website, that will help us all understand each other and connect.

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