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Tax exempt determination letter


Trio School is a tax-exempt, 501(c)3 organization 501(c)3, and all donations we receive are tax exempt.  Those donors who donate us less than 50% of their adjusted annual income, can deduct 100% of the donated amount. We are ready to hand tax-exempt receipts to our donors.

The purpose of our asking for donations is twofold:

1)      As a school, we need musical instruments, textbooks, method books for teaching music and foreign languages, equipment for teaching chess and art, costumes for our dance class, rugs, furniture, paintings and more. We also need to collect money to rent more classrooms. Because we perform at senior living facilities four times a year, we need reliable transportation, such as a car or a van, for our recitals.

2)      As charity, we need to collect funds for helping poor, disadvantaged, sick individuals as well as such businesses as hospitals and senior living facilities, which are located inside and outside of the United States. Those outside of America are located in Eastern Slavic countries. Ukraine in particular needs more help than any other Slavic country.  Thousands of Ukrainian people have lost their property, belongings and health due to the war. Thousands of people have become disabled and need expensive medical equipment and medications to be healed. Lots of hospitals have been ruined and need repairs. Libraries, museums and botanical gardens are either ruined or damaged, and they have no funds for the heat, which is dangerous for both employees and plants of botanical gardens.


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