Why Choose Us

Three-Way Relationship among Parents, Teachers and Children
                                 Three-Way Mission: We Educate, Challenge and Nurture
Harmonious Education = Arts + Academics!
                                 University Educated Instructors
Performing Musicians and Dancers Teach our Students!
                                 Parent Participation and Video Recording Welcome!
Preparation for Certificate of Merit Exam
                                 Recitals Four Times a Year
Camps & Vocational Courses
                                 Tradiitonal & Contemporary Teaching Methods
Learn Music and Creative Movement at the Age of 2
                                 New: Piano Lessons at the Age of 3 ("Mom" & "Me" program)
Piano and Voice Lessons for Expectant Couples ("Learn the Lullaby!)
                                 Choose a Fast or Slow Pace of Learning
Study Russian Language With Music and Without Music
                                 Affordable Rates, Downtown Location
Rent a Keyboard FREE of Charge