Music and Movement for ToddlersOur dance teacher has been dancing professionally for over 20 years and teaching dance and fitness for almost 10 years to various age groups. For more than five years, she has taught creative movement to very young children, age 2 and up. Certified as a dance instructor and choreographer by the Institute of Cultural Programs, St. Petersburg, Russia, our talented teacher has been trained in ballet, Russian folk, street dance, ballroom, jazz, hip hop, contemporary dance, lyrical dance, and contact improvisation. Her latest passion is Latin-American social dances, such as salsa, bachata, meringue, and cha cha.

Together with her dance ensemble in Russia, she won numerous dance competitions all over Europe and Russia, and in 2000, she was personally recognized as the best solo dancer at the National Dance Competition. She has participated at numerous workshops in the United States, Europe and Russia.

At our School, she offers creative movement and pre-ballet. These classes develop motor skills, coordination, an ear for music and creativity and help increase flexibility and overall fitness. Children discover the joy of dance in a playful atmosphere, express their creativity through movement, and expand their imagination.