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Founder – Larysa Yost

Larysa Yost holds California Teacher Credentials in Music, Russian, English, and Early Childhood education.  She has three Bachelor of Arts degrees earned in Ukraine (in teaching piano, the Russian language and literature, and English as a second language). She earned a Certificate in early childhood education in the U.S. and took a number of graduate level courses in music and composition (writing) at San Francisco State University.  She has been a teacher since 1973.

 Larysa is also a perpetual student, constantly learning in order to enrich her teaching.   Since 2002, when she immigrated to the U.S., Larysa has been teaching music (piano and preschool music) and Russian. She is familiar with the main American styles and methods of teaching music, such as Suzuki, Harmony Road, Simply Music, Music Together, and etc., and she encourages her colleagues to borrow what they feel like borrowing from each of them and still honor a classical method established by generations of great musicians. As a language teacher raised and educated in Ukraine, Larysa is after intensive methodologies.

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